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50K: This run will take place on the Syllamo trails. Full aid stations will be provided at approximately 4-8 miles apart.

50 MILE: "This is where the fun starts". This run will be held on the Sylamore, Syllamo and Ozark Highlands trails that winds, climbs and descends through the beautiful Sylamore Ranger District including several creek crossings, past scenic vistas and bluffs and through dense forest. Full aid stations will be located approximately 4-9 miles apart.

20K: This run will take place on the Syllamo trails. Aid will be provided at the halfway point.

Race Fees

Stage entry fee $175 or $70 for 50k, $85 for 50mi. and $40 for 20k individually before February 15. After February 15 the Stage entry fee will be $205 or $85 for 50k, $100 for 50mi. and $50 for 20k individually. Entry fee will include giveaways, great race bags, entertainment and meals after both the 50k and 50mi.

REFUND POLICY: 100% refund before December 15; NO REFUND thereafter.

Stage entries are limited to 125

Total entries are limited to 250

Community Service Requirements

All Stage, 50K and 50Mile entrants are required to perform 8hrs of community service, this can include: volunteering at a race, trail maintenance or community service. No forms are required just your word that the required volunteer work was performed. Remember Karma will get you!

Other Requirements

All entrants are required to carry during all runs a collapsable reusable cup for consuming cold or hot drinks at aid stations. Aid stations will not have paper or plastic cups.


Race headquarters will be at Blanchard Springs Campground pavillion.

All races will start and finish at Blanchard Springs Campground.

Times and Cut-Offs

The 50k will start at 9:00 AM, 9:00hr cut-off (check-in begins at 8:00AM), the 50mi. will start at 6:00 AM, 14hr cut-off (check-in begins at 5:00AM) and the 20k will start at 9:00 AM, 6hr cut-off (check-in begins at 8:00AM).


Courses are marked with permanent rectangle markers, flour and surveyors ribbon. This is a trail run and it will be marked like a trail run, you must stay alert and watch for markings.



Drop Bags / Grub

Drop bags may be put out on the 50K and 50mi only.

Post race meal and refreshments will be provided to entrants and guest after the 50K and 50mi. Over the past few years I noticing how much waste we were generating, So in 2011 we made some changes to help be a little more GREEN. We do not provide bowls, plates, utensils or cups during the meal. So bring your own reusable items and we will provide the rest. This will help us generate less going to the landfill. Thanks

Aid Stations

Aid stations will have a full assortment of cold and hot foods, water, Coke, Mtn Dew and HEED.


Awards ceremonies will be held after the completion of the stage for Overall male and female and Masters male and female. Awards will also be given to the overall male and female for the 50k, 50mi. and 20k individually. All Stage finishers will receive a really cool custom award hand crafted by a local artist .

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